Video Game Testing Job Scam – Can You Really Get Paid to Play Games?

You have most likely known about the computer game testing position trick – you know – how you clearly can get compensated to beta test unreleased computer games and even get to keep the games when you are done. I pursued for quite a long time to get a computer game testing position – I pursued several projects yet they generally ended up being cash sucking tricks.

My Experience Of Computer game Testing

Everything began a couple of months back. I went over this promotion ‘get compensated to test computer games’ – sounded unrealistic. So I did some exploration on Google for “computer game testing position”. I went over some fascinating computer game analyzer guides, promising continuous propositions for employment and extraordinary compensation all as a trade-off for me testing unreleased computer games. After several months and I had scarcely any bids for employment and the one’s I got were for awful web based games. I was disappointed and furious – its was each of the a total trick.

I had invested such a lot of energy into finding a computer game testing position notwithstanding, so I chose to continue to look. In the long run I went over this guide which extended employment opportunity’s across all gaming stages, and the compensation was outstanding. I chose to try it out. I was extremely distrustful at first-having been singed by the other vide game testing position tricks, but bids for employment began coming in for quality unreleased games.


In the event that you are significant about getting a computer game testing position, ensure you do the exploration before you put resources into an aide. There are numerous computer game testing position tricks out there only trusting that energetic gamers’ will give up there cash. You really want great client care – as you will have a ton of contact with the site – they will be behaving like a specialist to connect you with work. By the day’s end in the event that you are a sharp gamer and are keen on different games and gaming stages, you will experience no difficulty finding a computer game testing position.